Featured Artist

I have a background in music and plants. I moved to the West Country in the ’90’s where I trained and practised as a homoeopath – combining a complimentary trio of plants, painting and people! I am an inveterate gardener and plantswoman, and for more than three decades have painted, photographed and written. My work has been widely exhibited in the South of England.

My work falls into 3 apparently different categories, which however, are infact organically linked.

1) In work which I loosely call ‘de-constructed stained glass pieces’ – I combine a printing technique with coloured pencils, pastel, collage and the odd touch of watercolour and gouache. These works are not intended to be ‘religious’, but rather allegorical, metaphorical and symbolic, exploring universal themes. Make of them what you will!

2) Video work, the most recent being: ‘Passing along time’ – a very new departure from my painting – has been made from a library of some 7000 scanned images that I have been compiling for the last few years. I have been thrilled and inspired by the extraordinary beauty, intricacy and complexity of the plants that inhabit our gardens and hedgerows. For some time I was simply passionately absorbed in the process of accessing, selection, placing, scanning and editing. But I began to feel that such ‘revelations’ as I was being privy to should be put into some kind of format that could be shared. Most importantly I want to expose the plants mysterious, wondrous and irrefutably beautiful interiors: jewels of botanical alchemy; other-worldly images to astonish, soothe and inspire. I have made a number of these films, showing at A La Ronde, the National Trust property in Devon, and Somerset Art Weeks, and recently at East Lambrook Manor. I was surprised and delighted that they were received with great enthusiasm.

3) My most recent work are ‘photographic’ pieces. They explore the man made in relationship with the plant world: a variation on still life, in which an atmosphere is created, and in which in some cases there is the suggestion of an unknown story to which the viewer is invited to engage.