Featured Artist

The art I produce begins with the landscape, looking into the natural world. I am drawn to the forms, colours, shapes and changes in the landscape that the elements themselves create. I am fascinated by the transformation that comes from decay and rebirth as each season comes around. I start working in the outdoors, drawing in the moment through visual memory, pen and pencil sketches, watercolours and photography. The work evolves through the process of painting and printmaking, exploring different techniques, memorising the raw experience in open spaces, culminating in a pictorial abstraction of what I see.

Since graduating in Fine Art with the University of Plymouth in 1992, I have continued to develop techniques in printmaking and painting.   I enjoy making marks on canvasses and the etching and colograph plates, exploring the use of colour and form. My prints and paintings reflect my experience of nature.

I was born in Lancashire and grew up in Hampshire and Cheshire. Travels on the continent and Australia opened my eyes to the bigger world before settling in the South West of England to raise a family.