Featured Artist

Fiona Bradford is a British contemporary artist based in Somerset. Predominantly a painter, Fiona’s material and process-led practice attempts to articulate the space between what ‘there is’ and ‘there is not’; a point of potential immanence. This is not a tactic for avoidance or resolution, but a curiosity about the nature of impermanence and a drive to respond to the transformative and mutable potential of the medium.

The work is informed by ideas related to the principles of emptiness and uncertainty. Emptiness is not seen as a ‘thing’ or ‘state of being’ but rather a process or ‘state of becoming’. In relation to painting she sees uncertainty as a tool – a way to figure her practice by using uncertainty purposefully. These persistent interchanges between the tools and her intentions convey an agitation, an unavoidable restlessness in the work:

The intention is to work towards making paintings that evolve rather than arrive at a destination. As a painter my task as I see it is to try and apprehend these reverberations. I see understanding as contingent; it’s messy. Repeated trial and error with pigments, oils, airbrush, spray painting and collage does not preclude other modes of working such as doodling, daydreaming and deferral. By experimenting with strategies of hesitation, delay and deceleration, most recent work stops short of being explicit”.

Fiona received an MA Fine Art from The Arts University Bournemouth in 2016 having graduated with a first class honours degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University in 2013. She exhibits regularly in the South-West.