Featured Artist

The subject of my paintings is generally recognisable but there often remains an element of abstraction (not always intentional on my part) with the possibility of creating space for conjecture and suggestion. Also, the balance or dynamic between the figurative and abstract imagery is something I want to develop and which pushes my work forwards.

Recently, inspired by the field spaces of the Somerset Levels, my artwork has ventured into the more abstract simplified landscape territory of geometric planes. The ‘Field Patterns Series’ shuns the neatness and austerity of perfectly straight lines, and is a more natural arrangement of irregular shapes enclosed by lines and borders.

I’m also interested in exploring the art of collage and paper-cuts. I was very pleased when a recent paper-cut of mine, Kneeling Nude, was selected for the Top 100 artworks Evolver Prize 2017. (currently exhibiting at the Evolver Prize Winners Exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton (8 July -23 August). Art is a journey for me as I investigate new techniques and skills. I’m not sure if I will find one definitive style or not but I’m enjoying the process!

I am inspired by the work of many and very different artists. Here are a few: De Stael, a French painter of Russian origin; the St Ives Abstract Artists of the 50s and 60s – particularly William Scott but also Roger Hilton, Patrick Heron and Sandra Blow. The magnificent wild coastal and moorland scenery of Cornwall and the gentler beauty of Somerset remain a constant influence and inspiration.

About Me:
I first studied art many years ago at the Universidad de Las Americas – while living in Mexico in the 70s. This included the unique and privileged experience of drawing the local Mexican Indians in Life-Drawing and Portrait sessions.
Back in the UK, I studied a full-time degree course in English at Swansea University which included Art History.
In between children and working, I have attended numerous short courses from stencilling and distressing furniture to colour-theory, different painting techniques, portrait and life-drawing, etc.
More recently, in 2014, I attended a full-time Access Course at the Somerset Art College in Taunton which gave me the push I needed to actually get going again and the opportunity to do a degree if I wanted to.
In between painting, developing and exhibiting my own work, I attend any short art-courses of interest at the Bristol Art Centre in Park Street.

Thelma Hulbert Gallery (8 July-26 August, 2017)
Top 100 pieces of work selected for Evolver Magazine Prize 2017
(selected: Kneeling Nude paper-cut)

Somerset Art Works (SAW) Open Studios (17 September-2 October 2016)

Black Swan Art Gallery, Frome (2 July-27 August 2016)
Top 50 pieces of work selected for Evolver Magazine Prize 2016
(2 paintings selected: Coastline and Portrait)

CIC CIC Art Centre, Taunton (12 January-13 February 2016)
Figurative/Abstract Exhibition (four artists)

Ilminster Open Exhibition (10 August-4 September 2015)
Ilminster Art Gallery, Somerset