Featured Artist

I imagine I could be seen, as a re emerging artist, as it was only in the spring of 2012 that I started painting after a lapse of many years.
My preferred subject matter is a coastal scene, which would beĀ  loosely based on an actual location, sometimes very loosely!

Natures wonderful kaleidoscope of skies are what give me the inspiration and the combination of sky and water I find fascinating
I strive to paint the atmosphere, the mood that this combination produces and I find it so rewarding if I can evoke in the viewer of my work some of joy that I have for natures beauty.

Painting mainly in acrylics and sometimes with pastels or with oil bars for an effect, I often refer to a photograph or photographs as a starting point for the overall composition then let the picture develop, not always knowing where it will take me.It is my wish to paint “plein air” more often, but my full time day job restoring antique chairs, limits my time and I can only snatch moments to snap possible subject matter.