Featured Artist

Susan is a recent BA(Hons) in Fine art graduate from Somerset College.

Originally from a farming family in the Fenlands, Susan moved to the West Country four years ago and now shares her time between Braunton on the north Devon coast and Taunton in Somerset.

Her creative journey has led her through music, dance, festivals; the latter instilling in her a curiosity about the roots of festivals, and the narratives of myths and legends.

‘I have foraged in the world of animal spirits and Tibetan healing bowls, during this exploration the words of a poetic story poured from my spirit.  The making of a Tibetan bowl in Salisbury, combined with meditation, became a personal healing and cathartic process; a spirit lifting experience I wanted to share through my work.’

Susan has captured her story in book form as well as through painting; her story has also been translated in film, collaborating with peers and other art forms, as well as family and friends.

Central to her current work is a 3 metre silk hanging, whcih will be exhibited during Somerset Art Weeks at Kings College, Taunton.

Another passion of Susan’s is puppetry and she is collaborating with another artist on a travelling, interactive project involving puppetry.