SCAN member Norman Steel has been invited to be artist in resident at this year’s Taunton Flower Show – 2nd and 3rd August 2013.  He received the invitation from the Committee who were impressed with his previous work.

Norman will be painting the bandstand using mixed media on sandpaper.  The Committee said

‘-The only stipulation on our part is that you be happy for people to look over your shoulder whilst you are creating the image of the bandstand (and the musicians in it as the opportunity arises). Our social networking team will be eager to record the sequence of creativity that you explained to me yesterday. I shall be grateful if you are also willing to talk to the media about your work as it does sound like a great story in its own right-‘

Naturally Norman was very happy to agree to this will set up an easel and, weather permitting, do a mixed media painting of the bandstand (and possibly other scenes).

Norman added:
‘Now I plan to spend an hour or so in the park this weekend, taking photographs and doing some preliminary sketches of the bandstand, and planning out possible locations to paint from.’