Featuring several members of SCAN, the 10 Parishes Festival runs from 9th to 17th September 2017.

You can find out more details about what is on and when by taking a look at the online 10 parishes Festival Guide at the bottom of this page.

Venues featuring SCAN members:

Venue 27 – Annie Musgrove in a joint exhibition.

Venue 28 – Lucy Lean in a joint exhibition.

Venue 32 – John Abraham, Chris Howe and Victoria Ward in a joint exhibition.

About the 10 Parishes

Celebrate a feast of arts and crafts within the 10 Parishes. Visit exhibitions, take part yourself! The 10 Parishes Festival runs every second year to offer you the visitor a rich variety of art throughout the 10 Parishes area (Wiveliscombe and its surrounding parishes).  2013 will be the sixth Festival since its inception.

There are regularly over 100 events, covering paintings, photographs, drawing, sculpture, jewellery, pottery, poetry, theatre, music, film, circus and much more. There are plenty of opportunities to have a go, or just appreciate other people’s talent and creativity. Everyone is very welcome to come along and join in. Most events are free.

10 Parishes Area Map

The Festival is organised by a group of volunteers led by Pauline Homeshaw, entirely for the benefit of the community.  During 2012, the Festival was taken under the wing of The Wiveliscombe Area Partnership, a charity registered in England and Wales.  WAP provides a number of services to the local community, such as the operation of the Community Office in Wiveliscombe, and Wivey Link, which provides community transport in the area.  WAP’s oversight of the Festival ensures that our legal and financial functions are taken care of, and allows the working group to continue building on the artistic and community events that make the Festival special.

See the online Festival Guide below or visit 10 Parishes Website to download a copy.